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Group Workshops


Beat AI!

How can we overcome the threat of artificial intelligence?

AI is a powerful tool that could be used to replace many jobs. In the workshop, we will harness the power of the mind to create surprising rhizomatic connections between different fields of knowledge.

Great for entrepreneurs and product innovators.

2.5 hours (In-person/zoom)

8-12 participants


Organize your thesis

How can one organize information for a research project?


If you are overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge accumulating in your research, join the rhizomatic mapping workshop for researchers.

It will help you organize the information you've gathered, articulate your thoughts, and guide the exploration in an orderly fashion.

Great for humanities, Social sciences, and Arts researchers.

2.5 hours (In-person/zoom)

8-12 participants


Create a new design language

How can one push the boundaries of familiar aesthetics?

Are you looking to create a new and original design language? 

Rhizomatic Mind Mapping can help you break free from the Behance/Pinterest bubble and creatively develop a truly original design language for your project.

Great for designers and UI practitioners.

 2.5 hours (In-person/zoom)

8-12 participants

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