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Rhizomatic Mind Mapping

Learn how to organize

your project and generate innovative ideas.

What is RMM?

•    A web of interconnected information and ideas.

•    A visualization of a creative thought process.

•    A great tool for organizing your research.

•    A technique for reaching innovative ideas.


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My clients 

“Ravid's rhizomatic mindmapping workshops provided our stratagy department with new ways to visualize their thinking processes and our product department with an inspiring mathod to reach design innovation.
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their research and creative thinking skills!”
- M. Fraifeld, VP business design, Firma - Global Business Design

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About Ravid Rovner


Ravid Rovner (PhD) is a Rhizomatic Mind Mapping expert. With over 15 years of experience in teaching and research, Ravid has developed innovative techniques that help researchers learn and grow.

The lectures and workshops cover Rhizomatic Mind Mapping for various challenges, from formal academic research to creative expressions. They are designed to help unleash your creative potential and unlock your mind. With Ravid's guidance, you can organize your thoughts, stimulate new ideas, and enhance your project.


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